MASC Officer Candidates

15 March 2017
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The 2017-2018 MASC officer candidates are permitted to campaign using social media/email before convention on April 5-7, 2017.

All candidates were asked to submit their social media links for this purpose.

The following candidates submitted information for posting:

(All candidates are listed alphabetically by office)

President Candidates

• Sabrina Rusch
Instagram: VoteSabrinaR
Twitter: VoteSabrinaR
Snapchat: VoteSabrinaR
Suggestion Form:

• Grace Wu
Instagram: @gracewuMASC
Twitter: @gracewuMASC
Snapchat: @gracewuMASC

1st Vice President Candidates

• Noureen Badwi
Suggestion Form:

• Avery Klein
Twitter: aoklein7

• Joshua Omolola

2nd Vice President Candidates

•Grace Herron

Treasurer Candidates

• Bryce Awono – nothing submitted

• Gabe Tuckhorn – nothing submitted

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