MASC Officer Candidates

8 March 2018
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The following student leaders have filed all appropriate papers by the stated deadline for the 2018-2019 MASC office of president, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, and Treasurer.

MASC member schools will be voting during the MASC Convention, April 11-13, 2018 (link to the convention details)

Be an educated voter – read the “Meet the Candidates” packet!  (This is an openly shared Google document – often you cannot access linked documents in Google drives through a school system account – Please consider using a different email whenever you try to access documents if you are denied permission.)

Candidates   (listed alphabetically by position)

Noureen Badwi
       Twitter: @NoureenBadwi
       Snapchat: @NoureenBadwi
       Instagram: @NoureenBadwi@NoureenBadwi
       Suggestion Form:
Joshua Omolola
       Instagram: @joshomolola
       Snapchat: @joshomolola
       Twitter: @joshomolola
       Facebook: Joshua Omolola

1st Vice President
Alex Erhunmwunse
       Instagram: @Alex.Kadii
       Twitter: @AlexKadii
       Snapchat: flyylexx
Marisa Miles
       Twitter: @marisatheleader
Sydney Neal
       Twitter: @SydneyMNeal
       Twitter: @THAAONLYSYDD
Jason Wu
       Twitter: @jasonwumasc
       Instagram: @jasontwu
       Snapchat: @jasontwu

2nd Vice President
Michael Oduniyi

Chad Leo
       Twitter: @chadformasc
Aqsa Siddique
       Twitter: (personal) @Aqsa_Siddique
       (Campaign) @Aqsa4Treasurer
Adhvayith Sriram

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