SMOB Candidates 2019-2020 Term

6 January 2019
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Education Article §2‑202 of the Maryland General Assembly Statute authorizes the appointment by the Governor of a student member of the Maryland State Board of Education (SMOB).  Approved in 1985 and amended in 2007, this legislation specifies that the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) shall have the opportunity to nominate two students for the Governor’s consideration.  One of these nominees will be appointed by the Governor to serve a one‑year term as the Student Member of the Maryland State Board of Education.

The MASC SMOB interview panel is tasked with reviewing and selecting candidates that are qualified to be an informed student voice at the state level. In this pursuit, multiple factors are taken into consideration from recommendation letters to the presentation of an issue that the state faces which the candidates presented before the interview panel. When reaching a decision, the interview panel used the same guidelines for all candidates and decisions on who moves forward must be unanimous or an overwhelming majority.  It is important that the candidates understand the scope and responsibility of the position as it is representative of all students in Maryland.

The MASC interview panel was only able to move two candidates’ names forward.  At the Legislative Session, students voted for their preferred candidate and both names have been forwarded to the Governor for his appointment choice.

Please read the candidates’ personal statements and review their resumes below (listed in alphabetical order).

Noureen Badwi 

Resume (pdf file:BadwiResumeWEB)
Personal Statement (pdf file:BadwiStatementWEB)
Twitter: @NoureenBadwi
Instagram: @NoureenBadwi
Snapchat: @NoureenBadwi

Michael Solomon

Resume (pdf file:SolomonResumeWEB)
Personal Statement (pdf file:SolomonStatementWEB)
Twitter: @michaelforsmob
Instagram: @michaelforsmob
Snapchat: @msol500



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