MASC Statements on Injustices

2 August 2020
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The MASC Executive board has passed statements on injustices:

8/4/22 MASC Statement on Acts of Oppression Against LGBTQ+ Youth

The Maryland Association of Student Councils vehemently condemns acts of oppression against LGBTQ+ youth coming from governmental organizations, including statewide legislative bodies and regional boards of education, both within and outside the state of Maryland. These targeted policies suppress the acceptance of individuals in a public space that has the duty to serve as a nondiscriminatory environment. LGBTQ+ safe spaces in classrooms are necessary in order to foster positive student-teacher relationships, along with aiding students in being comfortable in expressing their authentic selves. It is of the utmost importance for students of all identities to be supported by their educational systems and be represented in the curricula through which they are instructed. A classroom that is not open to all students prevents every individual from reaching their full potential.

3/22/21 MASC Statement on Violence Against Youth

As an organization, MASC strives to provide a safe environment for Maryland students to thrive. These environments are not limited to schools and classrooms. Students must feel safe in their communities, towns, and public areas. In light of the recent deaths of youth in our country due to unnecessary violence, MASC’s fight to provide a safe space for Maryland’s youth is increasingly prevalent. These young lives lost recently to this violence include Adam Toledo, Peyton Ham, and Ma’Khia Brant, among many others. No matter the circumstance, the lives of youth demand to be valued. This means that young people must be given the chance to live to their fullest potential. MASC also recognizes the effect of this violence against systematically oppressed communities, emphasized by the disproportionate violence perpetrated against youth of color. MASC has the honor and duty to be civically engaged in youth-related issues, meaning we must advocate and emphasize the use of non-lethal force and unequivocally condemn the recent events of violence against youth.

3/6/21 MASC Statement on Racial Injustice:

The Maryland Association of Student Councils vehemently condemns the surge of hate crimes and violence against the Asian American and Pacifica Islander (AAPI) community in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amid a time of such sorrow and pain, more hate is not what our country needs. As an organization, we will stand firm against these acts of xenophobia, racism, and intolerance. We will continue to celebrate and uphold diversity, equity, and inclusion to the best of our ability. We will advocate against the harmful rhetoric and growing stigma around the AAPI community. We encourage all student leaders to spread awareness and change the narrative, be a positive force against hate, and stand in solidarity with the AAPI community.

7/19/20 MASC Statement on Racial Injustice:

The Maryland Association of Student Councils has always been and will continue to be committed to standing by and growing with our student leaders across the state. In the wake of the murders of Elijah McClain, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and countless others, this commitment is more urgent than ever. We stand with the Black community, and all communities impacted by racial injustice, and are devoted to working against racism. As an organization, we celebrate diversity and equity and hold all of our student leaders to these same values. As student leaders, we have the privilege and the responsibility to uplift and advocate for those who have been marginalized. We encourage every student leader to use their strengths and talents to create change and be a part of this positive movement that advocates for racial equity and combats instances of violence against the Black community.



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