Meet the SMOB Candidates

28 December 2022
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 Student Member on the Board of Education (SMOB)

Students that were unable to attend the February 7th virtual Town Hall meeting may watch the opening and closing of this event.  After the opening, candidates and students moved through breakout rooms where students were able to informally meet and ask questions of each candidate.  (Link to YouTube)

Congratulations to the final five candidates. 
Watch the preliminary campaign speeches: (Flipgrid)

Candidates (alphabetical by first name)

Abisola Ayoola
Wilde Lake High School
Howard County
Resume: PDF AbisolaAyoola
Personal Statement: Abisola Ayoola Statement
Social Media: Instagram and TikTok @abisola4statesmob

Leslie Monter Casio
North Caroline High School
Caroline County
Resume: Leslie Monter
Personal Statement: Leslie Monter-Casio Statement
Social Media: TikTok-Leslie4mdsmob & Instagram-leslie4smob

Madison Cassell Watts
Rockville High School
Montgomery County
Resume: Madison Watts
Personal Statement: Madison Watts Statement
Social Media: Instragram @madison4smob

Sharada Narayanan
Urbana High School
Frederick County
Resume: Sharada Narayanan
Personal Statement: Sharada Narayanan Statement
Social Media: sharada4mdsmob

Shruti Vadlakonda
River Hill High School
Howard County
Resume: PDF ShrutiVadlakonda
Personal Statement: Shruti-Vadlakonda-statement
Social Media: Instagram shruti4mdsmob

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