State Charity

MASC is proud to announce the 2017-2018 State Charity – FINISH Sarcoma.

FINISH Sarcoma was selected as the MASC State Charity. This year, the State Charity Coordinators have designed a project to engage all schools and regions. MASC is asking your region to collect a specific item and bring those items to the Convention. At the Convention, students will have the opportunity to put together goodie bags with the collected items. These baskets will then be delivered to Sarcoma patients. Check out what item we would like you to collect!

ALL REGIONS: Motivational Cards
ACASC: Magazines
ASCBC: Lotion
BCSC: Scarves
CASC: Journals
CCASC: Socks
CCSGA: Crosswords, Word Searches, Sodoku
FCASC: Journals
GCASC: Lip Balms
HCASC: Hand Sanitizer
HCRASC: Adult Coloring Books
KCASG: Adult Coloring Books
MCJC and MCR: Colored Pencils/Pens
SESASC: Tissues
SMASC: Crosswords, Word Searches, Sodoku
WCASC: Tissues


Learn all about “FINISH Sarcoma” at their website