Advisors Bulletin

MASC emails the monthly Bulletin directly to school & regional advisors and the MASC Executive Board. Any interested student can receive the MASC monthly Bulletin to remain up-to-date on all things MASC!  Not on the distribution list?   Complete the google form found in the “MASC Monthly Bulletin” post on MASC’s home page.

If anyone has resources that could be shared with others, or if there are suggestions for the Bulletin, please let us know!

NOTE: There are openly shared Google documents linked on this page.  Often you cannot access linked documents in Google drives through a school system account. Please consider using a personal or different device whenever you try to access those documents.

This link is to the saved PDF versions of the Bulletin.  URLs have been linked appropriately.  If a link doesn’t work, please refer to the originally emailed Bulletin.  

Alumni Bulletins (link to Google Drive)
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MASC Bulletins

If you would like to receive the monthly bulletin mailing, please sign up by completing this short Google form.

MASC Bulletins: 2021-2022
link to 2021-2022 Google Drive

Posted in Drive (link above)
• July 2021 Bulletin

MASC Bulletins: 2020-2021
link to 2020-2021 Google Drive

Posted in Drive (link above):
• July 2020 Bulletin
• July 2020 Special Bulletin
• August 2020 Bulletin
• September 2020 Bulletin
• October 2020 Bulletin
• October 2020 Special FLC Bulletin
• November 2020 Bulletin
• December 2020 Bulletin
• January 2021 Bulletin
• February 2021 Bulletin
• February Special Bulletin
• March 2021 Bulletin
• April 2021 Bulletin
• May 2021 Bulletin
• June 2021 Bulletin

MASC Bulleting: Sept 2019-June 2020
link to 2019-2020 Google Drive

MASC Bulletins: Sept 2018-June 2019
link to 2018-2019 Google Drive

Advisor Bulletins: Sept 2017-March 2018
link to 2017-2018 Google Drive


(Student Newsletters 2017-2018 click here)

Advisor Bulletins:

• Summer 2016: Summer 2016 Advisors Bulletin
• September 2016: September 2016 Advisors Bulletin
• October 2016: October 2016 Advisors Bulletin
• November 2016: November 2016 Advisor Bulletin
• December 2016: December 2016 Advisor Bulletin
• January 2017: January 2017 Advisor Bulletin
• February 2017: February 2017 Advisor Bulletin
• March 2017: AdvisorBulletinMarch2017
• Pre-Convention Newsletter (click here)
• April 2017: AdvisorBulletinApril2017
• May 2017: AdvisorBulletinMay2017
• June 2017: AdvisorBulletinJune2017

Advisor Bulletins: 2015-2016 

September 2015 Advisors Bulletin
October 2015 Advisors Bulletin
November 2015 Advisors Bulletin
Advisor’s Bulletin Special Edition Fall Leadership Conference 2015
Advisors Bulletin Special Edition LEAD 2015
December 2015 Advisors Bulletin
January 2016 Advisors Bulletin
Special Bulletin – Updates January 2016
February 2016 Advisors Bulletin
March 2016 Advisors Bulletin
Advisor Pre-Convention Newsletter2016
April 2016 Advisors Bulletin
April 2016: MASC Staff Application Bulletin
May 2016 Advisors Bulletin
June 2016 Advisors Bulletin