MCSS Focus Group

Action by:  midnight, Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) is an independent unit of the state government that was established to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to addressing school safety issues statewide; This is structured such that a Subcabinet takes into consideration and sometimes carries out the decisions suggested by the Advisory Board. As students, we are the most important stakeholders in school safety. Yet there is only one student voting member of the Advisory Board who is tasked with representing the viewpoints of such a diverse group of students.

The Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) is looking to have more student input by creating a Student Focus Group from across the state that will guide the Advisory Board. Students will serve as an informed voice representing the perspectives of their county/city as it pertains to school safety, devising marketing tactics to reach students, surveying their county on important issues, and acting as a pilot group for new initiatives.

Some of the roles students in this group will take on are as follows (but keep in mind that the role of the group will continue to evolve throughout the year):

1) Represent the perspective of their region by closely interacting with the student member of the Advisory Board
2) Help devise marketing tactics for & provide feedback on existing MCSS initiatives (ex: Safe Schools Maryland Tipline)
3) Survey their county’s/city’s students on topics deemed by MCSS (to help shape future initiatives)
4) Act as a pilot group for implementing new ideas

Meetings will be via telecommunications in order to have a greater representation of students from around the entire state.

It is strongly encouraged that you to apply regardless of your leadership experience because you have the most important experience of all — being a student!!

Link to application