Department of Operations

Kyree’ Sykes
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
Baltimore City

Operations Director


Mr. Kyree’ M. Sykes is a senior at Dunbar High School in Baltimore.  He is a dedicated student whose work with school administration has allowed him the opportunity to be a voice for his community, school, and children. During Kyree’s 10th-grade year at Dunbar, he took on his first district leadership role as the Associate Student Congress of Baltimore City Chief of Staff. As the Chief of Staff, Kyree’ worked directly with students, parents, and the community to effect change. Kyree’ has conducted conference calls with community members on some of their biggest needs to help support the families and the community. Kyree also attributes his accomplishments to his parents and grandparents who have always encouraged him.

Kyree’ has earned many certificates and trophies for his leadership. He always says, “It’s not about winning or being recognized, it’s about fighting for positive change in urban schools.”  Kyree is a natural-born leader with a future career in politics. He plans to attend Howard University, Harvard University, or Princeton and obtain a Ph.D. in Political Science with a concentration in Public Administration and Public Policy followed by an NDP in Educational Psychology. 

Michael Olson
Middletown High School
Frederick County



Bio: Michael Olson is a sophomore at Middletown High School in Frederick County and uses he/they pronouns, and also goes by the name of Avery. He has been in student council for the past five years and has plans of remaining in student council for the rest of his high school and college career. In his own county and in the state, he has advocated student equality, mental health, equitable access to resources, LGBTQIA+, a stund dent safety along with all the other concerns he hears from his classmates. Outside of student council he has participated in multiple clubs including Model United Nations, Unicef, Unified Sports, and Key Club. He regularly volunteers in the community in order to help others. Michael enjoys mountain biking and is on the Monocacy Composite team racing for Frederick County in statewide races. In the future, he has hopes of studying abroad in areas of psychology, sociology, and neurology. He has worked hard to overcome a speech impediment and apraxia to remain successful through school. He works hard to connect and understand the challenges they face so he may fight alongside of them.

Thomas Foulkes
Huntingtown High School
Calvert County




Hiba Khan
Maurice J. McDonough High School
Charles County

Student Workshop Coordinator


Bio: Hiba is a senior at Maurice J. McDonough High School. She is a voracious student leader who believes in the power of student advocacy and representation for all. She has been involved in Student Government for the past two years and has a vested passion for mental health awareness. Through this passion, she was able to serve as the Charles County Association of Student Councils Mental Health Awareness Coordinator and her efforts led to the creation of the inaugural Charles County Mental Health Advisory Council which works to broaden student input regarding mental health issues. This year, Hiba chaired the SMOB Student Council Educational Policy Committee and was also involved in Mock Trial at her school. In her free time, she indulges in self improvement through reading, cooking, art, and writing. After high school, Hiba hopes to pursue a career in law or foreign policy.

Maggie Rathgeb
Northern High School
Calvert County

Student Workshop Coordinator




Judy Nguyen
Leonardtown High School
St. Mary’s County

Student Workshop Coordinator


Laura Huelskamp
Northern Garrett High School
Garrett County

Technical Operations Coordinator


Bio:  Laura is a Sophomore at Northern Garrett High School. She is a dedicated student council member and has been in student council for 5 years. She currently serves as Assistant Secretary of Garrett County Association of Student Councils and Historian of the Northern Garrett High School Student Council. Outside of Student Council, Laura is a member of FIRST Tech Challenge team 2818 G-FORCE, where she strives to spread her interest in STEM and robotics in the community. She is also a member of the Northern Garrett Mock Trial team, and a student at Frostburg Dance Academy, where she performs at various events around the community. Laura is a member of the Bittinger 4-H Club and an active exhibitor in the Garrett County Agricultural Fair with over 100 entries each year. She is also a very active member of her community and completes over 200 hours of volunteer service each year. Laura is excited to serve MASC in the Operations Department this year.