Listed below are applications for or of interest to MASC. Click on the link for more information on a specific application.

MASC Awards Applications open each year in August. They are for MASC member schools only.  Application deadlines are the date of the MASC Legislative Session, usually the first or second Saturday in February.  All Awards are “on-line” only applications.  No hard copies will be accepted.

State SMOB Applications open each year in September. It is a two-part application from the principal and the candidate.

MASC Officer Applications open each year in mid-January and close at the end of the day of the February/March executive board meeting.

MASC Executive Board Appointed Staff Applications opens each year in April and closes towards the end of that month.

New applications open each year in September.  These awards honor middle level and high school students for making meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service.

Two students from each state will be selected to attend the online program and each will receive a $10,000 undergraduate college scholarship.  Application opens in September and closes in early November.