Listed below are applications for MASC. Click on the link for more information on a specific application.

MASC Awards Applications open each year in August. They are for MASC member schools only.  Application deadlines are the date of the MASC Legislative Session, usually the first Saturday in February.

State SMOB Applications open each year in September. It is a two-part application from the principal (deadline October) and the candidate (deadline November)

MASC Officer Applications open each year in mid-January and close at the end of the day of the February executive board meeting.

MASC Executive Board Appointed Staff Applications open each year at the beginning of the MASC Convention and close three to four weeks after that.

  • Maryland Youth Advisory Council (MYAC): CLOSED

    MYAC applications close on July 1 each year.  New applications for the 2018-2019 year will be posted here when they are available in the late spring of 2019.