Executive Board

The executive board is comprised of elected officers, appointed staff (see departments below), the state student member on the Board of Education, the executive directors, and the regional presidents, regional middle school representatives, regional student members on Boards of Education, and regional advisors.  The executive directors and regional advisors have all rights except for voting.

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Chief of Staff
Special Issues
Divisional Liaisons & MS Ambassadors

President Justin Peleska CRASC 12 Meade High School justin.peleska@mdstudentcouncils.org
1st Vice President Tolu Dapo-Adeyemo CCASC 12 North Point High School tolu.dapoadeyemo@mdstudentcouncils.org
2nd Vice President Kemi Osamiluyi HCASC 8 Patuxent Valley Middle School kemi.osamiluyi@mdstudentcouncils.org
Treasurer Caroline Finn CRASC 11 South River High School


Officer and staff information is only posted when parent/guardian (signatures) concent.