The mission of MASC is to foster a statewide environment for all secondary school students to express and exchange opinions and ideas, develop leadership skills, and promote student representation and involvement in all groups and organizations impacting the lives of students.

There are openly shared documents from MASC’s Google Drive on this page.  Often a school system will block access to documents or drives outside of their system.  If you cannot access a document, please use a personal account and not a school account as when MASC receives a request for access, the response is also blocked.

Monthly MASC Bulletin

Monthly News and Information from MASC

MASC Student Newsletters

Listing for published MASC student newsletters.


MASC Constitution  (amended 2/11/23)

The MASC Constitution governs our organization’s structure, powers, and duties.

MASC Operating Principles 2023-2024

The MASC Operating Principles are renewed each year and govern the “day-to-day” processes of the organization. The President is responsible for submitting the Operating Principles for his/her administration.

Mission, Goals. and Objectives

The MASC Mission, Goals, and Objectives give furth insight into our organization.

Legislative Platform

The MASC Platform communicates the issues and beliefs of our organization.



Filed and Pre-filed Legislation



Please use the approved Grievance Form to report grievances, suggestions, or concerns to MASC.


Minutes from each Executive Board Meeting and General Assemblies


MASC History MASC History

History of MASC including presidents, award recipients, and conferences (PDF document)


Staff: Staff Forms



As leaders, we must be continually aware of our actions and their effects.  In order to make an impact, we must exercise awareness of responsibility to ourselves, to the organizations with which we are associated, and to other people.  This code was developed through a cooperative process involving the MASC Executive Board, state officers, and regional advisors.

As leaders and advisors we will:

*Serve as role models to our peers and set an example for all to follow.
*Be inclusive of all students while advocating, involving, and participating in various activities.
*Maintain a high level of respect towards others and ourselves.
*Strive to be committed leaders and encourage others to reach their full potential.
*Remember that part of our leadership responsibilities includes helping, training, and encouraging future leaders.
*Fulfill our role as a person whom others can count on and whose word is solid and trustworthy by refraining from cheating, stealing, or lying.
*Realize that our actions directly impact the integrity and credibility of MASC.
*Maintain the high integrity that MASC has achieved.
*Abide by all rules and procedures laid out by our host facility and organization

 MASC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, ancestry or national origin, familial status, marital status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, or genetic information in its programs and activities and provides equal access and a welcoming environment to all groups.