Department of Communications

Michael Olson
Middletown High School
Frederick County

Communications Director

Bio: Michael Olson (he/him) is a senior at Middletown High School in Frederick County. This is his fourth year involved in MASC and his 3rd year as an appointed staff member. He also serves as the Regional President of the Frederick County Association of Student Councils (FCASC). This year, Michael is most excited to share the inspiring leadership of MASC and get students from around the state involved in advocacy. In the future, he plans on going into the field of Civil Rights and Constitution Law. Outside of student council, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Barna Begzad
North Hagerstown High School
Washington County


Bio: Barna Begzad (she/her) is a junior at North Hagerstown High School in Washington County and she is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program. This year is her first year on the MASC Executive Board and she is excited to serve as Secretary! Barna also serves as a High School At-Large Position on the Washington County Association of Student Councils (WCASC) Board of Student Leaders and at her school, she has served as Class Secretary for the past two years. Outside of student council, Barna enjoys spending her time cozying up reading books, journaling, and traveling. Barna is excited for the memories she will make this year in MASC!

Nico D’Orazio
Thomas S. Wootton High School
Montgomery County


Bio: Nico D’Orazio (he/him) is a senior at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Montgomery County. Nico has been involved in student advocacy since 9th grade, and started working with MASC as a workshop presenter last year. Outside of MASC, Nico is the Montgomery County Regional Student Government Association (MCR-SGA) Treasurer and was previously an Education Policy deputy. Nico is also the Chief of Staff in both the Lynne Harris Student Internship, and SMOB Advisory Council. Within Wootton High School, Nico leads many clubs such as Patriot Minds Matters, Wootton High School Activists, and National Art Honor Society. In his free time, Nico loves going around Maryland and taking pictures, as well as hiking. As an MASC Historian, Nico plans to encapsulate the moments of MASC events that convey the power of student leadership. In doing so, he hopes to inspire others to join MASC and lead change.

Sam Park
Perry Hall High School
Baltimore County


Bio: Samuel Park (he/him) is a freshman from Baltimore County (BCSC). He has been interested in student council since the 6th grade and this is his first year being a part of the MASC Executive Board. In Baltimore County Junior Councils (BCJC), he served as the Chief of Staff and hopes to continue by joining the Baltimore County Student Councils (BCSC) this year. He was also the Vice President for his school’s Student council and the President for his school’s Music Honor Society (TRI-M). He is very passionate for music and photography as he played the cello for the Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestra (BSYO) for three years, and his church’s cameraman for the past 4 years. His main goal as Historian is to make sure that EVERYONE can relive the memory of the amazing events that MASC hosts.

Paige Plater
Northern High School
Calvert County

Publications Coordinator

Bio: Paige is a senior from Calvert county. She has been on the MASC Executive Board for the past 4 years. She serves as the Executive Producer of her school’s broadcast journalism program, WNHS-TV. She also serves as Co-President of her school’s Student Government Association.

Sasha Pazoki
Aberdeen High School
Harford County

Publications Coordinator

Bio: Sasha Pazoki is a student in high school, who has taken inspiration from her parents. A father who was a hard-working immigrant, challenged with finance. A mother who battled gender norms, and grew to be a woman of business. Both adults in her life paved their path towards the medical field, but were categorized by surgery and dentistry. It was clear to Sasha that she, too, will travel the path paved. As she grew up, she discovered many interests such as soccer, golf, and ice-skating, as well as academics, like mathematics and science. However, the more she tried, the larger, her curiosity crew. She craved a new hobby, not because she was tired of her, others, but because it would expand her understanding of those past qualities.

Anna Jhon
Walter Johnson High School
Montgomery County

Social Media Manager

Bio: Anna Jhon (she/her) is a rising sophomore at Walter Johnson High School in Montgomery County. This is her first year as an appointed staff member and her second year of being involved with MASC. She serves in leadership roles across her county and is a current intern for Delegate Joe Vogel. As well as being involved with the Montgomery County Regional SGA (MCR). Anna is looking forward to working with other student advocates and furthering her leadership skills in MASC. She is currently looking into Political Science and Finance as potential fields of study. Besides student council, she loves to dance, play volleyball, listen to music, and be around friends.

Grace Hollingsworth
North Hagerstown High School
Washington County

Social Media Manager

Bio: Grace Hollingsworth (she/her), a junior at North Hagerstown High School (NHHS) in Washington County, is currently enrolled in the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma Path program. Alongside her academic pursuits, she holds the position of vice president in NHHS’s student council and serves as a High-School At-Large member for the Washington County Association of Student Councils (WCASC). Within her school, Grace actively engages in community service and loves to participates in various clubs, including Key Club and Art Club. At home, she loves to paint, draw, and play basketball in her spare time. Grace is excited to start her journey for advocacy state-wide!