Department of Communications

Jordon Cooper

Communications Director

Jordan Cooper is a junior at Parkdale High School, in Prince George’s County, He serves as Communications Director for MASC, and he is also the executive board President of Parkdale High School. Jordan is a prime example of advocating without a position. For 45 years Jordan has advocated for, Fair Treatment for all students in all arts programs, Gun safety Laws, AP funds, and Bullying, Within his Middle School and High School. Jordan enjoys speaking out for the people that can’t do it for themselves. Jordan participates in Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Swim, and Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track. Jordan is a proud African American Male who continually holds higher than a 3.6 GPA every year for every quarter. Jordan is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program with the high hopes and expectations to receive the IB Diploma. Jordan wants to attend a 4-year college and major in Mass Communications and Minor in Journalism. He also plans to attend 23 Olympic Games and plans on becoming a News anchor soon. Jordan prides himself on being different from everyone else, the odd one in the bunch because “I’m Different Remember That”

Grace Herron

Publications Coordinator

Grace Herron is a student in Harford County and is serving as MASC Publications Coordinator. Grace also serves as HCRASC treasurer and a middle school liaison in her community. Aside from student council, Grace likes to sing with the Peabody Children’s Chorus, play the double bass in orchestra and participate in swim team. She hopes this year to create eye-catching, informative newsletters to help spread the amazing word of MASC!

In the past, Grace has served as MASC 2nd Vice President and supports the involvement of all groups, including middle school students. She hopes to publish a middle school student newsletter going over the basics of MASC and how to get involved. Grace is thrilled about the upcoming year. Don’t hesitate to contact her!

Jhanvee Patel

Social Media Coordinator

Jhanvee Patel is a student at Northwest High School in Montgomery County. She enjoys running workshops and advocating for student involvement in politics. She hopes to be able to use social media this year to efficiently spread information about MASC. Aside from student advocacy, Jhanvee participates in competitive tennis and is a co-founder of de-stress club, hoping to promote a stress-free environment in schools.

Adele Williams


Adele Williams is a student currently enrolled at Northwest High School in Montgomery County. She proudly serves as her region’s community relations director and has been historian for 2 years. She continues to fight for the student voice, and advocates for her fellow students at the National, State and local level. She enjoys photography in her free time, and is involved in her schools theater program and chamber choir.


Sallyanne Howard


Sallyanne Howard is a senior at Liberty High School and is one of the MASC historians for the 2018-2019 school year. Student leadership is a strong focus in her life as the CCSGA Historian and Liberty High School Vice President. Sallyanne loves being able to be an active member in her community and is grateful that she has the opportunity to advocate for those that need a voice. She hopes to combine her passions for art, leadership, and travel in the future and plans to return to Scotland, her favorite place on Earth. Sallyanne is extremely excited to be a part of the MASC staff for the 2018-2019 school year.

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Jacob Turner

Co-Central Division Liaison

Jake Turner is excited to serve as one of the Central Divisional Liaisons! Jake is a senior from Hereford High School in Baltimore County. He has served as a past regional president and served as the student co-chair MASC’s Fall Leadership Conference and Convention for the 2017-2018 school year. Currently, Jake serves as his school’s Vice-President and BCSC’s student training coordinator. Within his school, he runs cross-country, competes on the Model UN team, and is the president of the CASA club. Jake is looking forward to working with everyone in MASC, and especially the students from the central region. Any student belonging to a school in the central region can contact Jake through MASC if they have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Ben Nachod

Co-Central Division Liaison

Ben Nachod is a freshman at Poolesville High School in Montgomery County.  He has served as the vice president of MCJC and currently holds a position on the MCR Executive Board.  Ben has been involved in student government since sixth grade.  In his free time, Ben enjoys playing the drums.  He swims competitively for RMSC and runs cross country and track.

Jenna Griffith

Co-Western Division Liaison

Jenna Griffith is the Western Maryland Liaison for the 2018-2019 year. Jenna is currently a student at Southern Garrett High School in Garrett County. Jenna serves as her school’s secretary and county’s 1st Vice President. Jenna strives to raise the attendance for Western Maryland and advocate for students at the state level. When not being a student leader she participates in cheerleading and theatre. Jenna is looking forward to a great year.

Omaer Naeem

Co-Western Division Liaison

Omaer Naeem is a junior attending Allegany High School in Allegany County. Omaer is ecstatic to start his term as MASC’s western divisional liaison. Omaer is involved with all three levels of student government as Public Relations Director of ACASC and Vice President of his school’s SGA. His extracurricular activities aside from student government are cross country, track and field, Environthon, FBLA (webmaster), Model UN, and mock trial team captain. He is also an avid contributor to his community, volunteering in hospitals, nursing homes, and animal shelters. In his free time, Omaer enjoys to listening to music, spend time with friends, and watch Netflix. After graduating high school, Omaer plans on attending a university majoring in Biology (Premed).

Instagram: @omaerica
Twitter: @omaericaa

Dana Kim

Eastern Division Liaison

Hey MASC! My name is Dana Kim and I am a rising senior at Stephen Decatur High School. My student government journey began in sixth grade and I am ecstatic to be serving as your Eastern Division Liaison during my final year of school. I am so excited for the year ahead and am looking forward to seeing you guys at MASC events!

Jesse Harris, Jr.

Co-Southern Division Liaison

Jesse Harris, Jr. is a Sophmore at St. Mary’s Ryken High School and in the Scholars program for Global and International Studies. He has a deep passion for student government which has developed and grown since the sixth grade. In his involvement, he has gained extensive leadership experience through student government which has allowed him to accomplish a variety of goals. He currently serves as his school’s Vice President, The St. Mary’s Association of Student Council’s President, and the MASC Southern Division Liaison. His most remarkable accomplishment in student government was holding MASC’s first Southern Leadership Conference (SLC). This event gathered the southern division of MASC, to encourage leadership development and introduce real-world leaders and their experiences in a “Leadership in Action Panel.”  Jesse is excited to serve as a the Southern Division Liaison for a second year and looks forward to hosting another SLC. Beyond student government, Jesse rock climbs and enjoys engaging with his community. Although he is involved in extracurricular activities and has many interests, he understands the importance of education and values it. This is why he strives to excel in academics year round. In the future, he hopes to get into a competitive college and major in International Relations.

Marissa Miles

Co-Southern Division Liaison

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