Elected Officers

Joshua Omolola


Joshua Omolola is currently a student at Parkdale High School. His passion for advocacy and the student voice has led him to the be the voice for those who felt they didn’t have one Joshua has advocated for SMOB Voting Rights, Mental Health & Common sense gun laws.

Joshua believes service, community, and humility are the foundations of leadership. He has demonstrated this by advocating for community and student based issues and serving his community. Joshua believes that our generation is the change we seek. Like many other student leaders, he believes the “Change is Us.” Joshua participates in Cross Country and Track, in addition, he’s also apart of Mock Trial. He has continued his Feed America initiative serving as Community Outreach Director. He’s an aspiring Supreme Court Justice and Columbia Alumni. He will continue his high-school career as an International Baccalaureate student. His motto for the year is “ I’d give up on chocolate but I’m no quitter.”


Sydney Neal

1st Vice President


Sydney is a current junior at Saint Mary’s Ryken High School. With core values of service and perseverance, She is a clear example of a persevering leader who recognizes the power of the student voice and leads with her heart. Many say that her empathy, humility, and strong will are her strongest leadership qualities. Through multiple years of experience she has developed a passion for advocating for equitable funding in her local community and nationwide. Representing her school, community and nation on many national and statewide committees and councils, Sydney has had the opportunity to cultivate her leadership skills on many levels, which has prepared her thoroughly for this position


Michael Oduniyi

2nd Vice President


Michael Oduniyi is honored to serve and is ready to advocate for middle school students in the state of Maryland, Michael is an open-minded and outspoken person. ”When I speak I want my audience to think deeply and critically while I am speaking”. While encouraging delegates to work hard and persevere. He is in 8th Grade and currently attends Windsor Mill Middle School in Baltimore County, and plays travel team basketball. He is also part of the schools Broadcast and ariel photography crew. Fun fact about Michael is that he owns two german shepherds, A quote that keeps him going in the terms of humility ” Humility is key to core intelligence” – Michael Oduniyi, And is ready to fulfill the job of this position.



Chad Leo




Chad Leo is an outspoken leader, representative, and change maker. Born and raised in Calvert County, Chad knows what it’s like to speak up even when everyone else doesn’t agree, and Chad knows what it’s like to be ignored.

The former Deputy Operations Director of MASC, and Parliamentarian of the Young Democrats of America High School Caucus, Chad is passionate about fighting to ensure that the student’s voice is heard, the youth are protected, and that our education system serves everyone. Chad also realizes the importance of financial stability in a quality future.

Chad is a student at Patuxent High School in Lusby, MD where he plays an active role in community service, student senate, Criminal Justice, and the Academy of Finance, a program designed to teach students financial and managerial skills. Chad maintains an active status on the honor roll and will finish high school as a dual-completer.

Chad is the current Maryland State Treasurer for MASC and is looking forward to a successful year of advocacy, organization, and fundraising.

Email: Chad.Leo@mdstudentcouncils.org