Elected Officers

Here is a fun way to get to know your MASC officers.  There are 3 components to this resource: The first is the MASC music portion – We asked our officers to provide a few songs that boost their serotonin levels like nothing else, to compile into a playlist. This way, you can get to know the officers through music!” The second is the “Which Officer are You Quiz” – and don’t worry-  this isn’t for a grade! Just to see which officer you have most in common with. The last component is the “Travel the World With the Officers” portion. This is a virtual tour of all the places the MASC Officers would like to visit one day, so you can get to know the officers.  (link)

Justin Peleska

Meade High School
Anne Arundel County

Justin Peleska is a senior at Meade Senior High School in Anne Arundel County, enrolled in the Homeland Security Signature Program. His passion for serving students began at a young age as being a leadership ambassador in his elementary school to where he is now as state President. Justin is an active member in student leadership in his county, as he has served as a member of the CRASC Executive Team for 3 years and has worked with his local board of education on a variety of committees and social topics such as Mental Health, School Safety, and Student Involvement. In school, Justin is currently the President of Model United Nations and has participated in other clubs such as Mock Trial, AVID Leadership Service Club, and is currently starting a Signature Program Club for students to get more involved in his school environment. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, and traveling whenever possible, and enjoys staying up to date on international politics.  This year, Justin’s hope is to lead students back from the global pandemic we all endeared and to advocate for our core societal values. More importantly, he is here to listen to the students of Maryland and facilitate a productive year within MASC.

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Toluwanimi Dapo-Adeyemo

1st Vice President
North Point High School
Charles County

Tolu Dapo-Adeyemo is a senior at North Point High School in Charles County, where he is enrolled in the school’s magnet program as a Biotechnology student. He has been passionate about student advocacy and activism since the eighth grade, where he was first introduced to SGA at Smallwood Middle School. Since then, he has gone on to serve in multiple positions across the school, county and state level, such as currently being Class of 2022 President, the CCASC Chief of Staff, and the State Legislative Affairs Coordinator for two years before being elected First Vice President. Outside of student council, Tolu is involved with various organizations within his county including a position of Vice President of the NAACP Youth Council and the Charles County Youth for Change. Tolu also enjoys writing articles for his blog Afrocentric Academia, which is a collection of short essays on different topics centered around sociology. In his free time, he enjoys reading manga, hanging out with friends, and practicing TikTok dances. During his MASC 1st Vice President term, Tolu plans to secure a smooth transition into more in-person MASC events while promoting communication between the Divisional Liaisons and their respective counties.

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Kemi Osamiluyi

2nd Vice President
Patuxent Valley Middle School
Howard County

Kemi Osamiluyi is an 8th-grade student at Patuxent Valley Middle School in Howard County. Her involvement in leadership has been prevalent for many years, whether she is leading a team group project or mentoring her peers, she has always had a passion for student leadership, advocacy, and youth activism. It fascinates her how this generation of students is so motivated to make the world a better place. This interest in leadership and advocacy led her to become her school’s National Junior Honors Society’s (NJHS) Vice President for the 2020-2021 school year, a member of her school’s competitive debate team, a member of her school’s SGA, and a mentor to her peers. Aside from leadership, Kemi likes to indulge in activities such as reading, writing, and dancing. In school, Kemi is a part of her school’s Gifted and Talented program and the founder of the second most populated club, the Future Lawyers Club. She enjoys working in these organizations because of how it opens her to new cultures, traditions, and ideas. During her MASC 2nd Vice President term, Kemi hopes to increase middle school involvement, interest, and engagement in MASC all while working to create a stronger bond between middle school students and high school students.

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Caroline Finn

South River High
Anne Arundel County


Caroline Finn is a Junior at South River High School in Anne Arundel County, enrolled in the STEM program. Caroline has been practicing advocacy ever since she was elected 6th grade Vice President in her middle schools’ student government. Since then she continued to hold office in student government, and served on the Chesapeake Regional Association of Student Councils (CRASC) executive board, holding the position of Educational Liaison, acting Secretary of Education, and Secretary of Service. Through her work in STEM and various other positions, Caroline also discovered a passion for finance and numbers, and could not be more thrilled to serve her fellow student combining her two passions of service and finance. Outside of these interests, Caroline also enjoys playing tennis for her school, learning a new song on the violin, ukelele, or guitar, or listening to a TED Talk podcast. This year, Caroline hopes to rebuild MASC membership, and as such ensure MASC’s financial security.

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