MASC Advance – a three-day event with optional overnights  – open to all secondary student leaders in Maryland.

MCPS Student Leadership and Extracurricular Activities Office is hosting MASC at the Lathrop E. Smith Center Environmental Education Center, Montgomery County (Smith Center Address And Directions) (Smith Center Site Map)

• Monday, August 5, 2024: Workshop Presenter Certification
• Tuesday, August 6 2024: Workshop Presenter Certification & Fall Leadership Conference Planning/Training
• Wednesday, August 7, 2024: Executive Board Meeting (also available via live stream)

Registration Fees: cover food, materials, MASC operating expenses, and facility insurance.   Bring cash or check payable to MASC to the on-site check-in (pre-registration is required).  Students/advisors register themself for this event.
• Monday: TBD (also bring your lunch)
• Tuesday: TBD
• Wednesday: TBD


ALL:  Bring a packet of cookies to share and your reusable water bottle
Overnight: sleeping bag or sheets/light blanket, towel, shower soap, shampoo, shower shoes, etc.
All: Emergency Form

(Note:  MASC Appointed Staff may bring the staff emergency form that will be kept for all MASC in-person events except for major conferences)

LINK TO REGISTER: opening in July 2024

Can’t attend the executive board meeting on Thursday in person?  MASC will be live-streaming this meeting through Zoom.

Register for the Virtual Executive Board. 
Login information will be emailed before the meeting.
Link to register:
Virtual Check-in: TBD
Meeting Convenes: TBD   Meeting Adjourns: TBD

As a virtual attendee, we implore you to ask questions and give comments using the chat feature. A designated chat monitor will be present to address your comments and questions.

Monday – Workshop Presenter Certification Part I – the workshop certification program starts on Monday and concludes on Tuesday before lunch.  Students attend workshops to become or recertify as a MASC workshop presenter (optional overnight).
Tuesday – Workshop Presenter Certification Part II & Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) Planning/Training – Presenter certification concludes before lunch with a recognition ceremony.  After lunch, presenters will have the opportunity to plan workshops (high school) for FLC and/or learn the middle school workshops and program for this conference (optional overnight).

Wednesday – The Executive Board Meeting – MASC’s first executive board meeting for the school year (there are four per school year). At this meeting, officer and staff reports will be shared and serve as an opportunity to introduce officers and appointed staff to the regional presidents, regional middle school representatives, SMOBs/SROBs/student commissioners, regional advisors, school advisors, and any other interested student leaders who may wish to attend. Business items include approval of the Operating Principles (discussed and adopted), conference updates or bids (presentation/voting), student member on the State Board of Education calendar of events, regional reports, guest presentations, etc.

Students can also register to view the Executive Board Meeting via Live Stream.