Divisional Liaisons

Elizabeth Herron

North-Eastern Divisional Liaison

Aisling Nay

South-Eastern Divisional Liaison

Ben Nachod

Central Divisional Liaison

Jason Wu

Central Divisional Liaison

Jason Wu is a current junior at Poolesville High School. He’s been a passionate advocate for education since getting involved in student government at a local level in 7th grade. Since then, he’s been involved with MASC for 4 years. This year, Jason will serve as MASC’s Central Divisional Liaison with Co- Liaison Ben Nachod. Their goals include recruiting MASC member schools, attending county level events (Executive board meetings and GA’s), and most importantly – increasing attendance at MASC Convention 2020. On his free time, Jason enjoys running on his cross country team and loves watching the Washington Wizards.

Kerra Miller

Southern Divisional Liaison

Kerra plays soccer, hockey, and runs track. This year she wants to recruit at least two schools that have not already been a part of MASC.

(To be posted)

Southern Divisional Liaison

Dominic Phillips-Moore

Western Divisional Liaison

Dominic is a freshman at Frederick High School. Dominic is very involved in
Student Government Association at the School, Regional, and State levels.
Dominic finds interest in theater and takes part in the musicals held at his
school. Outside of school, you’ll find Dominic participating in various events
and efforts in his local community. After high school, Dominic wants to
attend a four-year college and major in Secondary Education with a
concentration in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Ademola Adeyemi

Western Divisional Liaison