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Legislation Form (LegislationForm pdf) (LegislationForm Word – download only)

Preferential Voting – Robert’s Rules of Orders / MASC Procedures (PreferentialVotingProcedures)







• 20/21-ExBd-01 Confirmation of MASC Statement on Racial Injustice (GoogleDocLinkInjustice)
•20/21-EB-02 MASC appointments to MYAC (GoogleDocLinkMYAC)
•20/21-EB- 03 SMOB Calendar of Events (linktoGoogleDocSMOBCalendar)
• 20/21-EB-04 MASC Assistant Executive Director (linktoAssistExDirGoogleDoc)
•20/21-EB-05 MASC 2020-2021 Bylaws (GoogleDocLinktoLegislation)  Link to 2020-2021 Bylaws (GoogleDocByLaws)
•20/21-EB-06  MASC General Assembly Virtual Meetings (LinktoGoogleDocGA)


• 19/20-ExBd-01 Appointed Staff Confirmation (GoogleDocLinkConfirmation)
• 19/20-ExBd-02 Calendar of Major Events for the Selection of the Student Member on the Board of Education (GoogleDocLinkExBd02)
• 19/20-ExBd-03 Confirmation of MASC Representatives to the Maryland Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) (GoogleDocLinkExBd03)
• 19/20-ExBd-04 2019-2020 MASC ByLaws (GoogleDocLinkExBd04)
•19/20-ExBd-05 Appointment of the Assistant Executive Director (GoogleDocLinkExBd05)
•19/20-ExBd-06 Contract with MASC Registrar (GoogleDockLinkExBd06)
•19/20-ExBd-07 Convention Bid (GoogleDockLinkExBd07)
•19/20-ExBd-08 MASC SMOB Election Rules (GoogleLinktoSMOBElectionRules)
• 19/20-ExBd-09 LegSes Standing Rules (GoogleLinktoLegSesStandingRules)
• 19/20-ExBd-10 MASC Officer Election Rules (GoogleLinktoOfficerElectionRules)
• 19/20-ExBd-11 MASC Conv GA Standing Rules (GoogleLinktoGAStandingRules)
• 19/20-ExBd-12 Confirmation of SLACers (GoogleLinktoConfirmation)
• 19/20-GA-01 Constitutional Amendment Affiliations (google document link affiliations)
• 19/20-GA-02 Constitutional Amendment Nominations (google document link nomination)
• 19/20-GA-03 Constitutional Amendment Unopposed Candidate (google document link unopposed candidate)
• 19/20-GA-04 and 05 Legislative Session Youth Related Bills (google document link LegSes stances)
• 19/20-ExBd-13 through 16 Youth Related Bills (google document link to youth-related bills)
• 19/20-ExBd-17 MASC Divisions (link to google doc Divisions)
• 10/20-ExBd-18 MASC appointed staff 2020-2021


• 18/19-EB-10 MASC Officer Election Rules (GoogleDocLinkOfficerRules)
• 18/19-EB-11 MASC Conv GA Standing Rules (GoogleDocGAStandingRules)
• 18/19-GA-04 MASC Bill Stances MD GA #04 Tabled to ExBd (GoogleDocLegSegBills)

•18/19-EX12-15 Bill Synopsis and Stances (GoogleDocBillStances)

• 18/19-EB-01  Confirmation of the 2018-2019 appointed staff (GoogleDocLinkStaff)
• 18/19-EB-02: Appointment of the Assistant Executive Director (GoogleDocLinkAssistExDir)
• 18/19-EB-03: Proposed 2018-2019 MASC Bylaws (GoogleDocLinkBylaws)
• 18/19-EB-04 State Charity Selection (GoogleDocLinkCharity)
• 18/19-EB-05 Selection of MASC appointments to MYAC (GoogleDocLinkMYAC)
• 18/19-EB-06 MASC SBOE Advisory Committee (GoogleDocLinkSMOB)
• 18/19-EB-07 MASC Proposed FY19 Budget (GoogleDockLinkBudget)
• 18/19-EB-08 MASC SMOB Election Rules (GoogleDocLinkLegSesRules)
• 18/19-EB-09 LegSes Standing Rules (GoogleDocLinkLegSesStandingRules)
• 18/19-GA-01-04 MASC Bill Stances Maryland General Assembly (GoogleDocLegSegBills)
• 18/19-GA-05 Safe Schools Tip Line SB 165 (GoogleDocSafeSchools)


• 17/18-EB-01: Approval of the 2017-2018 appointed staff (pdf StaffAppointmentsEB01)
•17/18-EB-02: Approval of the Assistant Executive Director (pdf AssistExDirAptEB02)
•17/18-EB-03: 2017-2018 Bylaws (ByLaws)
•17/18-EB-04: Grievance Form (pdf GrievanceFormEB04)
•17/18-EB-05: State Charity Selection (pdf StateCharityEB05) -Finish Sarcoma
•17/18-EB-06: Statement Against Discrimination (pdf StatementAgainstDiscriminationEB06)
•17/18-EB-07: Spirit Wear – Crab Design (pdf SpiritWearCrabDesignEB07)
•17/18-EB-08: Proposed 2017-2018 MASC Budget (BudgetGuidelines17.18-EB-08)
•17/18-EB-09: Funding for Region 2 Hosting (FundingRegion2.17.18-EB-09)
•17/18-EB-10: MASC Appointments to MYAC (MYACLegislation17.18-EB-10)
•17/18-EB-11: MASC Officer Team (pdf eventbids17.18-EB-11)
•17/18-EB-12: Strong Schools Maryland (pdf StrongSchoolsMD17.18-EB-12)
•17/18-EB-13: Sugar Free Kids (pdf SugarFreeKids17.18-EB-13)
• 17/18-EB-14: SMOB Election Rules
• 17/18-EB-15: Legislative Session Standing Rules
• 17/18-EB-16: MASC Convention Standing Rules
• 17/18-EB-17: MASC Officer Election Rules
•17/18-EB-18: Election Committee Guidelines
• 17/18-EB-19: GrievanceComGuidelines
• 17/18-GA-01 through 17/18-GA-07 (LegSesBillStances.PlatformAdditions)
– Note: 17/18-GA-05 Failed: HB0010 – State Lottery – Unclaimed Prizes – Public Prekindergarten Programs
• 17/18-EB-20: Catherine Murray Unsung Hero Award
• 17/18-EB-21: March for Our Lives (March 24)
• 17/18-EP-21: LGBTQ Liaison (tabled)


2/11/17 Platform Revisions (highlighted in yellow) – MASCLegislativePlatformRevision2017
2/11/17 Bill Stances 2017 (BillStances2017)


2/6/16 Stances – Youth Related Bills in the Maryland General Assembly (pdf file)
 – HB0018- Higher Education Passed
– HB0029- Primary and Secondary Education: Student Health
– SB0323/HB0610- Environment: Green House Gas Emissions
– SB0461- Primary and Secondary Education: School Funding
– JOINTLY: SB0493 and SB0512- Primary and Secondary Education: Teachers
– SB 103- Maryland Youth Advisory Council – Revisions  (pdf file)

MASC Constitution: Articles pertaining to legislation

Article XV

 Section 1 Pre-filed – In order for a piece of legislation to be considered pre-filed it must be submitted to the MASC President and Executive Director at least ten (10) days prior to a meeting of the Executive Board or session of the General Assembly. Further, this legislation must be published on the MASC Website and made available to notify MASC members at least nine (9) days prior to its presentation. When proposed legislation is presented to members of the General Assembly or Executive Board, it shall pass with a majority vote of the voting members of the General Assembly or Executive Board.

Section 2 Spontaneous – Legislation submitted within ten (10) days of its presentation will pass with a two-thirds majority vote of the voting members of the General Assembly or Executive Board.

Section 3 Amendments to Legislation – All amendments must follow the prescribed regulations as outlined in Article XVI of this document.

Section 4 Effective Date of Legislation – Legislation passed by the General Assembly or Executive Board will be put into effect immediately unless otherwise specified by said Legislation. Legislation impacting the status of an election must be passed a minimum of two (2) months prior to that particular election, otherwise, it would not go into effect until the following election cycle.

 Article XVI

 Section 1 Pre-filed – When a proposed amendment to this document is pre-filed in the General Assembly with proper notification in accordance with Article XV of this document, it shall pass with a two-thirds vote of the General Assembly.

Section 2 Spontaneous – Amendments made spontaneously during official meetings of the

General Assembly shall pass with a four-fifths vote of the voting members of the General Assembly. In the event that the original legislation was, in fact, pre-filed and an amendment is added, the legislation as a whole will proceed to be passed by a two-thirds vote.

Section 3 For consistency in technical areas, the president, aided by the parliamentarian, shall review the Constitution and make any changes needed for the document to be correct, provided that the intent of the clause is not changed.