Fall Leadership Conference

NOTE: There are openly shared Google documents linked on this page. Often you cannot access linked documents in Google drives through a school system account. Please consider using a personal or different email whenever you try to access those documents.


Event Date: Saturday, November 20, 2021
Virtual Conference
• Log-on / Divisional “Meet and Greet” 9:30 – 10:00 a.m.
Event: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (45-minute lunch break with optional lunch chat groups)
• Registration opens: Friday, October 15, 2021
• Registration closes:
midnight, Saturday, November 6, 2021 (NO extensions)
• Last Date for Substitutions/Changes: 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 9
• Registration postmarked:
Tuesday, November 9, 2021
• Cost: $10 for students and advisors ($8 for selected workshop presenters – MASC will send an email to school/regional advisors)
(note that MASC still has expenses for “behind the scenes” technology for virtual conferences)

MASC is taking the health and social concerns of COVID-19 very seriously. We are aware that many school systems are not allowing field trips this fall.

The first conference of the year is MASC’s annual Fall Leadership Conference. Participating in this conference helps students hone their leadership skills while meeting other student leaders from across the state.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do students/advisors select workshops ahead of time?  No – MASC is having an “open” selection on the day of the conference.  See more details below in the “Workshops” section.
Do advisors have to attend the conference?   MASC is not requiring a school advisor to attend this conference with their students.  That is up to the school’s administration and/or school system policy.
How will schools pay for this conference?  MASC accepts a school check or credit card – full directions are on the registration.
Do students pay individually or do the schools pay for the students?  This is up to the school.  Many schools use student council funds or principal funds to pay registration fees.  If charging the students for all or part of the fee, a student/parent can mail a check to the school (or drop off a check or cash to the school) or pay the school by credit card if the school is set up to accept that.
Do workshop presenters get a discounted registration fee?  Yes – a MASC Executive Director will send school advisors (and copy regional advisors) a list of the workshop presenters that were selected to present workshops.  Please DO NOT list a student as a presenter simply because they said so!  The list of workshop presenters will be emailed before registration opens.

All students and advisors will be able to select their workshops on the day of the conference – they will not be pre-assigned. Students/advisors should review the list of workshops before the conference so they have a list of choices for each session ahead of time. Workshop topics change from year to year and are on any imaginable topic. These can include advocacy, diversity, school spirit, community service, running homecoming, dealing with student council documents, mental health, or unique topics that workshop presenters wish to share with our students. There is always a wide variety from which to choose.   Workshop presenters will “close” the breakout room once a cap of 15-20 participants is reached, however, note that workshops will be offered multiple times.  Due to the virtual nature of the conference and the amount of screen time students have every day, Fall Leadership Conference workshops will be thirty minutes.  In addition, with parental permission, all workshops will be recorded and available for MASC member schools only.  (These recordings will be available several weeks after the conference).

As MASC is a student-empowered organization; the majority of workshops will be written and facilitated by trained students. We believe that peer-to-peer teaching is a great technique used in student leadership that allows everyone involved to get the most out of the topic in question.  MASC is, however, asking that a few advisors might be willing to conduct advisor workshops this year – please share your expertise on virtual service-learning, using digital tools and apps for teaching, conducting a meaningful student council virtually, etc.

WORKSHOP PRESENTERS:  Calling all MASC Certified Workshop Presenters, MLW staff, advisors, and MASC alumni.  MASC would love for you to present a workshop at the Fall Leadership Conference.  Please share your passion and expertise with others.  Workshops are only 30-minutes.  Please apply to facilitate a workshop.  Applications close at midnight on Sunday, October 3. 2021.  Link to apply to facilitate a workshop

After the registration opens and you have reviewed this page and all of the PDF attachments listed below, then advisors may register their school students.

ADVISOR REGISTRATION LINK: CLICK HERE  (opens Friday, October 15, 2021, and closes at midnight, Saturday, November 6, 2021)

Due to the extensive work behind the scenes, MASC will NOT be able to extend this deadline.

NOTE: For returning advisors, you will be prompted to log in. If you forgot your password, follow the instructions provided for retrieving it. If your school did not attend an event last year, you will be prompted to create an account. As always, if you have questions, contact the MASC Registrar at wayne.perry@mdstudentcouncils.org

Permission to be recorded – All workshops and group sessions will be recorded. After the event, those recordings will be made available exclusively to MASC member schools. It is the responsibility of the school to assure that anyone registered has parent permission to be recorded. Check with your administration re: the relevant policy and procedure for your school/district.

• Invitation Letter: (pdf: FLCWelcomeLetter2021) (Word: FLC Welcome Letter 2021)
• Registration Checklist: (pdf: RegistrationChecklist-FLC2021) (Word: RegistrationChecklist-FLC2021)
• Registration Worksheet: (pdf:RegistrationWorksheet-FLC2021 ) (Word: RegistrationWorksheet-FLC2021)
• Online Code of Conduct: (pdf OnlineCodeofConduct)
• Workshop Choices – to be selected the day of the conference (coming soon)
• Sample Family Letter:
• Agenda:

NOTE: There are openly shared Google documents linked on this page. Often you cannot access linked documents in Google drives through a school system account. Please consider using a personal or different email whenever you try to access those documents.

MASC Membership Application (click here).  Schools do not need to be a member of MASC in order to attend this conference.  However, if there is a short business meeting convened, only member school students will be able to vote.   Schools wishing to have voting delegates will need to complete their membership application and send membership dues before the close of FLC registration.  MASC depends on the funds from membership and it would be great to have our Maryland schools support the student voice by becoming MASC members.

In addition, member schools will be able to watch recorded workshops after this event.  Recorded workshops will be ready 72 hours after the close of the event).  This additional “perk” is only available for MASC member schools.



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MASC wishes to thank these organizations and businesses for their generous support of this conference.  MASC would not be able to offer this at such a low registration fee without their donations.

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