Fall Leadership Conference

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Event Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019
Perry Hall High School, Baltimore County (4601 Ebenezer Rd, Nottingham, MD 21236)
• On-site check-in: 8:30-9:30 a.m. / dismissal 4:00 p.m.
• Registration opens: Friday, October 25, 2019
• Registration closes:
Sunday, November 10, 2019
• Registration postmarked:
Wednesday, November 13, 2019
• Cost: $20 per student/adult  (cost per selected student workshop presenter: $15   A list was sent to school advisors/regional advisors identifying those students)

Want to see a few highlights from the 2018 Fall Leadership Conference?  Baltimore County Public Schools posted a clip in their event clips:  https://vimeo.com/243907453

The first conference of the year is MASC’s annual Fall Leadership Conference. Participating in this conference helps students hone their leadership skills while meeting other student leaders from across the state.

The middle school component of our Fall Conference is designed to help young students explore their leadership ability and engage their potential to serve and inspire those around them. The first workshop is for new middle school attendees on Parliamentary Procedures, while those who have attended previously will participate in a parliamentary review and a motivation and empowerment workshop, followed by a mock general assembly to practice new skills.   All middle schoolers will also attend a workshop on Self-Awareness & Identity and Failure and Success.   There will be additional activities geared towards our middle school leaders.   The day’s activities will allow students to develop a basic understanding of what it means to be a student leader and exposes them to experiences that they will be able to bring back to their own school’s student council.

The high school workshops vary slightly from the middle school portion of the conference. High school delegates will experience a series of interactive workshops designed specifically for Maryland’s high-school leaders. Workshop topics change from year to year and are on any imaginable topic. These can include advocacy, diversity, school spirit, community service, running homecoming, dealing with student council documents, or unique topics that workshop presenters wish to share with our students. There is always a wide variety from which high school delegates choose.  In addition, high school students will also participate in additional activities geared towards our high school leaders.

High School Workshop Descriptions  (pdf file HSWorkshopDescriptions)
High school students will pick five workshops.  They will be assigned to two-three. Workshops will be assigned based on selections on the registration form.

As MASC is a student-empowered organization, the majority of workshops and roundtables will be written and facilitated by trained students. We believe that peer to peer teaching is a great technique used in student leadership that allows everyone involved to get the most out of the topic in question.

This year’s conference will be held on Saturday, November 23, 2019. To cover the expense of conference materials, facilities, and food for the delegates/advisors, the cost of attendance is $20.

Registration for Selected Workshop Presenters: Cost is $15 for certified student presenters who are selected to be workshop presenters for this event.  Note: School advisors are asked to register selected workshop presenters along with the rest of their school’s delegation.  If a presenter’s school is not sending a delegation, registration still needs to be done by the advisor following the same registration instructions, and simply indicate that Mrs. Crawford will be the “Attending Advisor.”

After the registration opens and you have reviewed this page and all of the PDF attachments listed below, then advisors may register their school students.

REGISTRATION LINK: CLICK HERE  (opens Friday, October 25, 2019, and closes at midnight, Sunday, November 10, 2019)

NOTE: For returning advisors, you will be prompted to log in. If you forgot your password, follow the instructions provided for retrieving it. If your school did not attend an event last year, you will be prompted to create an account. As always, if you have questions, contact the MASC Registrar at wayne.perry@mdstudentcouncils.org

• Invitation Letter: (PDF: FLCInviteLetter2019)
• Registration Checklist (PDF: RegistrationChecklist-FLC2019)
• Registration Worksheet (PDF: RegistrationWorksheet-FLC2019) (Word: RegistrationWorksheet-FLC2019)
• High School Workshop Choices pdf file (HSWorkshopDescriptions)
• Emergency Form – adults/students & student presenters (PDF: EmergencyFormFLC2019)  (Word: EmergencyFormFLC2019)
• Agenda DRAFT (PDF: FLC2019AgendaDRAFT)
• Emergency Safety Plan: (email Karen.Crawford@mdstudentcouncils.org)
• Directions for the collection of Shoes (GoogleLink:ShoeCollectionDirections)

SHOE COLLECTION AT THE FALL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE:  MASC is requesting that schools and regions bring pairs of gently used pairs of shoes to this conference.  Our goal is to collect at least 100 bags of shoes, with 25 pairs of shoes in each bag.  We can do this!

MASC Membership Application (click here).  Schools do not need to be a member of MASC in order to attend this conference as there is no business meeting.  However, MASC depends on the funds from membership and it would be great to have our Maryland schools support the student voice by becoming MASC members.