MASC Committee Opportunities

MASC is pleased to share the opportunity for students to be involved in committees, task forces, and focus groups.  Throughout the year, not only does MASC have these opportunities, but often the State Department of Education and other organizations request to have interested students involved in their organization to present a student perspective.  MASC will also advertise those opportunities as they become available.    In addition, MASC has different committees to help with the work of MASC.  Committees are an excellent way for students in Maryland to get involved in issues for which they are passionate or skilled and to learn more about MASC.  Please read more about each offering below.

Some MASC Committee Opportunities for 2023-2024 are now open  Please consider joining a committee when the applications open for 2023-2024.

Committee listings are alphabetical:
• Action In Middle School (AIMS)
• Financial Committee
Special Issues Department:
— Civic Engagement Committee (CEC)
— Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC)
— Mental Health Committee (MHC)

• Division 1
• Division 4
• Divisions 6-8

OUTSIDE COMMITTEES – closely related to MASC
MCSS Student Advocacy Program (formerly the Student Focus Group)

Action in Middle School (AIMS) Committee OPEN

The Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) Action In Middle School (AIMS) Committee creates a network of middle school student leaders made to encourage and amplify the voices of middle schoolers across Maryland. Members will assist the 2nd-Vice President in planning events, designing quarterly newsletters, producing documents to serve as guides on a wide range of topics, and interacting with other students to brainstorm ideas for increasing middle school involvement within MASC! Meetings will be held monthly.

Prior experience is NOT required! Being in AIMS will give you an insight to the inner-workings of MASC, and allow you to be part of it! Applications are due on September 30, 2023.
This committee is chaired by MASC’s 2nd-Vice President, Siya Jain. Have questions? Contact Siya at!
Watch the AIMS promotional video here!

Link   Click HERE     OPEN


Financial Committee  OPEN

The Finance Committee assists the MASC Treasurer in completing MASC financial goals. Members will research grant opportunities, plan fundraisers, and work on other finance initiatives, including workshops and outreach.

Application deadline 11:59 p.m., Sunday, September 30th – the first meeting will be at 3:00 p.m., Sunday, October 8th.

Application Link   OPEN


• Middle and high schoolers
• Students may only apply to one committee
• Applicants do not need to be from MASC member schools or part of their school/regional student governments

Apply to energize your year with new projects fulfilling causes you’re passionate about or looking to get involved with. Our student-led, student-run committees are a great way to be a bigger part of MASC!

Feel free to reach out to our President and Executive Directors with any questions!  We look forward to welcoming a new group of motivated students to our Special Issues family.

Civic Engagement Committee (CEC)   OPEN

Focusing on legislative and social advocacy, the CEC researches and spreads awareness about youth-related legislation and educates aspiring student advocates on how to get involved within their communities. Members will participate in monthly meetings to work on civic-related projects and draft testimony. We may meet more frequently as the Maryland legislative session (around February) approaches. Additionally, members will be encouraged to help host and attend CEC town halls, bill debates, and advocacy days. In the past, members have learned to coordinate their own advocacy projects with the support and network of resources of MASC, attended an in-person lobby day, and partnered with state delegates to advocate for their bills.

Application Window: July 31 to September 30
Click HERE

Environmental Affairs Committee (EAC)   OPEN

With past collaborations with various local legislators, officials, and Chesapeake Bay experts, the EAC is responsible for researching and spreading awareness about youth-related affairs regarding the environment and sustainability. The committee will also propose stances and help to prepare testimony on policy matters. Previous experience in environmental advocacy is not required, so if you’re interested in joining, apply now!

Application Window: July 31 to September 30
Application Link: 
Click HERE

Mental Health Committee (MHC) OPEN

Apply now to the MHC! We will review resources and develop innovative ideas and suggestions for mental health change for a final product of a student mental health first aid kit. Previous experience in mental health advocacy is not required, but great to have. We hope to gain diverse perspectives from around Maryland, to put together a youth group that represents the spectrum of mental health experiences and issues affecting students.

Application Window: July 31 to September 30
Application Link:  Click HERE



Division 1: The Division 1 committee is open to all middle and high school students in Division 1 (Allegany, Garrett, and Washington Counties). Prior leadership experience is not required to apply for this committee. Throughout the year, committee members will work with the MASC Divisional 1 Liaison to help plan divisional events, specifically a divisional conference and promoting MASC within the division. This committee is a great way for students who want a low-commitment way to get involved with the state-wide student council. The Division 1 committee will meet virtually once every other month. Interested students should fill out the Google Form application.

Application Link:  Click HERE

Division 4:  The Maryland Association of Student Council (MASC) Division 4 Committee is a group of middle and high school students in Division 4 (Montgomery County, Anne Arundel County, and Prince George’s County) that work with the MASC Division 4 Liaison. This year’s focus is to work on creating an amazing Division 4 conference and to increase our outreach making it more efficient. Under the Division 4 Conference, many tasks will need to be accomplished such as emailing advisors, planning the time for each activity, advertising, creating flyers, and more. With a team of passionate student leaders planning and running the Division 4 conference, it will be much easier, more organized, and more fun! Meetings will be held on a monthly bases and additional meetings may be added near events or at the discretion of the Division 4 liaison. The committee is also a great low-commitment way to get involved with the state-wide student government association.

Application Link:  Click HERE

Divisions 6-8The application for the MASC Division’s 6-8 committee is now open; middle and high school students from Cecil, Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Wicomico, Worcester, and Somerset Counties can learn more here. This year, the committee will focus on combating underrepresentation in the Eastern Shore and hosting an in-person Divisions 6-8 conference.

Application Link:  Click HERE

OUTSIDE COMMITTEES in collaboration with MASC

In addition, the Maryland Center for School Safety (a collaborative organization with MASC) has this ongoing student committee: 

Register to be a member of the MCSS Student Advocacy Program (formerly the Student Focus Group). Student advocates provide valuable insight to the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) on the student perspective of school safety within their local community. Members also gain experience and knowledge through collaboration with MCSS staff, and other student advocates to promote school safety strategies and events in their local school and community.

Apply at: Click HERE