Maryland Youth Advisory Council Application

In 2008, the Maryland Youth Advisory Council was established through the Maryland General Assembly to ensure that Maryland youth are given the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations regarding public policies and programs that affect their future and to take a leadership role in creating meaningful change. By providing testimony in Annapolis and policy recommendations, council members have the opportunity to raise their voices and share their experiences with the Governor, State legislature, agencies, and other youth. (General information about MYAC: Link to an outside source)

Council members will be expected to:

• Be active and passionate representatives of Maryland youth. Members must attend at least 50% of regular meetings. Any member who does not attend the required number of meetings may be removed from the Council;
• Identify and discuss issues facing youth in Maryland;
• Work with other council members to create strategies that address these issues;
• Serve as liaisons to other affiliated youth organizations and peers in his/her communities;
• Develop leadership skills;
• Meet other Maryland youth; and
• Have fun!

MASC is able to appoint several students to serve on the Maryland Youth Advisory Councils (MYAC).  Applicants must be 14 years old by September 1st through rising juniors are able to apply.  Service is for a two-year term.

NOTE: to be appointed through MASC, on the application, you need to check the Maryland Association of Student Councils for the question “How did you hear about the Maryland Youth Advisory Council?”

Council members are appointed by the Governor of Maryland, the President of the Maryland Senate, and the Speaker of the Maryland House of Delegates. The Governor’s Office for Children appoints council members nominated by the Maryland Association of Student Councils, the University System of Maryland Student Council, the Maryland Higher Education Commission Student Advisory Council, and the Local Management Boards.

Council members will be selected with consideration of gender, race, and geographic area to ensure a diverse representation of Maryland’s youth statewide.

Application submissions must include:
1. Completed application;
2. One letter of recommendation; and
3. Resume.

Applications are open from March 1 through June 30th every year.   For MASC appointments, MYAC will send MASC applications that have checked off MASC and MASC will appoint and then confirm their appointments at the August Executive Board meeting.

The form linked above will guide you through the process of completing the first application component. The letter of recommendation and resume must then be submitted via email to

If you have questions, please contact Christina Drushel Williams at, 410-697-9242.

If your questions are specific to the MASC appointments, please contact or