Recycling Electronics Fundraiser

In keeping with our green goals, MASC is proud to announce a new, environmentally responsible fundraiser designed to help alleviate the fast growing environmental problem of e-waste. But we need your help…

Simply dust off your old electronics, place them in a box, print the FREE pre-paid shipping label, and take it to the nearest FedEx to ship.

100% of the proceeds from the recycling of these items will go towards funding MASC, so we can continue to have our amazing events and conferences.


1. Find all of your old electronics (anything the size of a laptop or smaller) that adhere to the accepted items list below!

Accepted Items

  • Any Cellphones
  • Any Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Aircards, Hotspots, and Bluetooth*
  • All Ink cartridges/toner*
  • Any related accessories to cellphones, tablets, and handheld electronics (Chargers, Cases, Etc)*
  • *No guaranteed payment on these items

Non-Accepted Items

  • Desktop Computers
  • Computer Monitors

If you have an iPhone, please turn off the Find My iPhone feature before turning it in. Link to instructions: Turn off Find My iPhone

Note: The Wireless Alliance ensures that 100% of customer information is destroyed on every device. Efficient, secure data sanitation in accordance to R2:2013 and NIST Standards. IMEI/ESN/Serial number logging available upon request. The Wireless Alliance adheres to the data sanitization, purging, or destruction practices described in the NIST Guidelines for Media Sanitization: Special Publication 800-88 (rev. 1). Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction provided on request. The Wireless Alliance is ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and R2:2013-Certified.

2. Place them in a box.

**You can use the link below to request a collection box to help collect old electronics on your own for the fundraiser, and the shipping label will already be attached! **

Link to Request Collection Box:

3. Use the link below to generate your free shipping label if you did not request a collection box!

Link to Generate Free Shipping Label:

4. Print the shipping label, tape it on your box, and drop it off at the United States Postal Service (post office)

5. If you requested a collection box, bring the box to the nearest FedEx to ship for free!


Benefits From Recycling Electronics

There is a multitude of benefits to recycling your old electronics: It can help create green jobs, contribute to reusing valuable materials, and support the recycling and refurbishing industry. When done properly, electronics recycling reduces harm from electronic waste. For instance, fluorescent tubes and maps contain mercury, a toxic substance, which can be reused for other purposes. Electronics recycling also provides a supply for functional electronic products to be reused or broken down into parts such as aluminum, copper, and gold. Furthermore, goods made from recycled materials use less water and energy and therefore produce less pollution. So, donate your old electronics today!



About Recycling Fundraiser

Founded in 2001, The Wireless Alliance specializes in asset recovery and recycling of cellular phones, smartphones, tablets, and other consumer recyclables. For over 20 years they have been the industry’s most trusted name in collection and buyback programs, and currently serve more than 35,000 locations in all 50 states.

The Wireless Alliance is a zero-waste facility and is ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and R2:2013-Certified.

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