Teen Truth

TEEN TRUTH is an educational services company focused on empowering student voice, enhancing school culture, and building student resilience. Developed from the success of an award-winning student-shot film series, TEEN TRUTH boasts North America’s premier school assemblies, youth leadership summits, and SEL curriculum.

Visit www.teentruth.net and www.jcpohl.com to learn more about Teen Truth.

Additional Resources:

There are openly shared Google documents linked on this page. Often you cannot access linked documents in Google drives through a school system account. Please consider using a personal or different email whenever you try to access those documents.

• School Assembly Video – https://youtu.be/O1QK9omtAT0
• Leadership Summit Video – https://youtu.be/Rg_CFLjQqrI
• Relational Needs Workshop (link to RNW)
• Rising Up Coaching Program (link to RU Coaching)
• Teen Truth Leadership Summit (link to TT Summit)
• Teen Truth School Assembly (link to TT Assembly)