MASC Fundraisers – Please Support Us!

18 August 2022
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MASC on-going fundraisers:  Please share!!

Electronics Recycling (ongoing so keep collecting!)

Over 100 million phones are stockpiled in U.S. households creating potentially hazardous waste. On average Americans replace their cell phones every 12 to 18 months. Unfortunately, electronics including cellphones, laptops, and tablets contain toxic substances.   The cadmium from a single phone can pollute 158,200 gallons of water if not disposed of properly.  These toxins have been associated with cancer and a range of reproductive, neurological, and developmental disorders.

Donate your old electronics (phones, laptops, tablets, etc) NOW by following the instructions listed in the Recycling Electronics Fundraiser, which not only benefits the community but also enables MASC to continue to have our amazing events and conferences!

Donations are ALWAYS Welcomed!  Click HERE to donate today!

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