MASC Officer Applications

The application packet is now available for interested, qualified students who wish to run for President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, or Treasurer to serve in 2019-2020. Please read the application packet carefully, discuss the time and responsibilities with your parents and teachers, review the draft calendar for 2019-2020, and meet all of the deadlines! […]

Just say “Hi, How Are You?”

“Hi, How Are You Project” is promoting MENTAL WELLNESS on January 22. This project is a simple, effective way to build connections, show empathy and caring, and promote mental wellness. Encourage your council, your student body, and your community to wear green (the mental health color) Jan. 22. Share the brochure on the Hi, How […]

SMOB Candidates 2019-2020 Term

Education Article §2‑202 of the Maryland General Assembly Statute authorizes the appointment by the Governor of a student member of the Maryland State Board of Education (SMOB).  Approved in 1985 and amended in 2007, this legislation specifies that the Maryland Association of Student Councils (MASC) shall have the opportunity to nominate two students for the […]

Legislative Affairs Committee

Action by 11:59 p.m., Tuesday, January 22nd. For this upcoming legislative session, the MASC State Legislative Affairs Coordinators (SLACers) want to form a legislative affairs committee (LAC) to talk about bills, legislative priorities, and to get help and ideas with new SLACer initiatives. Our committee will meet online via conference call/google hangouts to alleviate transportation […]

MASC Monthly Bulletin

The executive director emails a monthly bulletin to advisors and the MASC executive board. Archived copies of the bulletin can be found on the MASC Documents Page (click here). MASC staff (student coordinator) publishes a quarterly newsletter.  Newsletters are also archived on the MASC Documents Page (click here) If you would like to receive the monthly […]