Meet the Two SMOB Candidates for 2023-2024

Student Member on the Board of Education (SMOB) Congratulations to the final two candidates: Abisola Ayoola and Madison Cassell Watts   Delegates from MASC’s February 11, 2023, Legislative Session at Wheaton High School (Montgomery County) elected the top two candidates (out of five) to forward to the Governor for appointment to the state Board of […]

In Memoriam: Catherine Nora Murray

In Memoriam Catherine Nora Murray April 15, 1964 – September 13, 2022     After a 14-year battle with sarcoma, during the early morning on Wednesday, September 13, 2022, our beloved Nora Murray passed away.  It was through her promotion of student leadership and civic engagement that she helped students find their voice in life, […]

MASC Fundraisers – Please Support Us!

MASC MASCFundraiserFlyer– lists all three ongoing fundraisers below.  Please share!! RaiseRight:  Please support MASC by purchasing gift cards.    Select from 750+ popular brands, with options for eGift cards (available immediately), physical gift cards, and reloadable gift cards. No extra money spent! No wasted value.  You pay $50 for a $50 gift card. Use it […]

Publications & Social Media

Archived copies of ALL publications can be found on the MASC Documents Page (click here). • Monthly Bulletin • Student Newsletter • Middle School Quarterly Newsletter   MASC-appointed staff requesting social media posts should submit the request seven days prior to the target posting date if graphics need to be created – four days if […]

State SMOB News 2022-2023

Congratulations to Merin Thomas, James M. Bennett High School, Wicomico County, who was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan as the 2022-2023 State student member on the Board of Education. Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) Press Release (link to MSDE website) Merin Thomas James M. Bennett High School Wicomico County Email: merinthomas.md@gmail.com • Personal Statement […]