Condolences: MASC Alumnus

MASC would like to send its condolence’s to the Luis family, with the passing of Manuel Luis on July 11th. Manuel Luis attended Parkdale High School and was active in student leadership throughout his high school career. He was a part of the Parkdale High School SGA executive board, PGRASG Executive Board, and a MASC […]

Hosting MASC Events

MASC is seeking hosts for our 2019-2020 events.    Thank you for your consideration in hosting. Please see the website for full details. https://mdstudentcouncils.org/index.php/hosting-masc-events/ 

New Regional Officers 2019-2020

Congratulations to the new student leaders in your region. The regional president, 2nd vice president (middle school representative) and the student member on the Board of Education (SMOB, SROB, Commissioner) by virtue of the position are voting members of the MASC executive board. In order to stay informed, MASC needs contact information for these new […]

Raise Funds for Your Student Council with Shoes

Thousands of schools and nonprofits have begun to Rethink Fundraising by collecting gently worn, used and new shoes for their cause. With a shoe drive fundraiser, there’s no need to ask anyone for money, which makes it one of the most creative fundraising ideas around. MASC is very proud to announce the partnership between the Maryland Association […]

MASC Monthly Bulletin

The executive director emails a monthly bulletin to advisors, the MASC executive board, and other interested student leaders. Archived copies of the bulletin can be found on the MASC Documents Page (click here). MASC staff (student coordinator) publishes a quarterly newsletter.  Newsletters are also archived on the MASC Documents Page (click here) If you would like to […]