Advisors – Frequently Asked Questions

Registering MASC Appointed Staff for a Conference:

MASC appointed staff members are voting members of the MASC executive board.  When you are registering them for MASC conferences, they would be registered as ” MASC ExBd.”

For determining the number of voting delegates from your school, MASC ExBd members are in addition to the votes allowed according to your membership in MASC. (membership link).  For example, if your school is allotted seven voting delegates and you have two students serving on the executive board (regional president, regional SMOB, regional 2nd vice president, or MASC appointed staff), they would be additional votes – so, the school could send a full delegation of seven students plus the two additional MASC executive board students – registered as ExBd.

For two conferences, the Fall Leadership Conference and the Legislative Session, some of these students, along with others, will be chosen to be workshop presenters.  In that case, as there is a reduced registration fee, the selected students would be registered as a “presenter.”  A list of selected workshop presenters will be emailed to you before registration opens so you are aware.

For the convention, students wishing to write/facilitate a workshop must have advisor approval before they apply.  This allows the school advisor to have some control over who is able to attend the convention as you only have a limited number of spots (again – according to your membership – ExBd members would still be additional numbers).  As MASC is an organization of school student councils, we are trying to make sure that you, the school advisor, have the final say in who from your school attends the convention.  (This is not an issue for the other two conferences as you can always bring additional students.)

In addition, the MASC registrar posts a detailed checklist on each conference website that will also guide you in the registration process.