MASC Awards

 Principal, Advisor, and Council Awards: February 9, 2019 Deadline

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Each year, MASC recognizes our state’s finest student councils, principals, and advisors. Applications are due on or before Saturday, February 9, 2019 (the scheduled date of the MASC Legislative Session).

Please note that the advisor and principal awards must be submitted through the region (each region is allowed one nomination), therefore, schools should be prepared to submit their advisor and principal award applications to the regional advisor/president in a timely manner to allow the region to make their selection and complete the required recommendations before the updated February 9, 2019, deadline.

These awards are open to MASC member schools, only.

Wayne Perry Principal of the Year Award Application

pdf file:WaynePerryPrincipalAwardApp2018.19
Word document:WaynePerryPrincipalAwardApp2018.19
(New – please attach a picture that could be used at the awards recognition program)



Mike Michealson High School Advisor of the Year Application

pdf file:MikeMichaelsonAdvisorAwardApp2018.19
Word document: MikeMichaelsonAdvisorAwardApp2018.19
(New – please attach a picture that could be used at the awards recognition program)



Middle School Advisor of the Year Award Application

pdf file: MSAdvisorAwardApp2018.19
Word document: MSAdvisorAwardApp2018.19
(New – please attach a picture that could be used at the awards recognition program)



MASC recognizes school councils for their well-rounded structure, participation, and achievements.

The Felix Simon Student Council Awards highlight the MASC member councils that are truly remarkable.   MASC is presenting your council with not only a challenge but also with an opportunity to grow and to improve through self-evaluation.   To more effectively honor student councils, there are separate middle and high school applications for the Awards.  Student councils will be recognized as a Felix Simon Student Council based on predetermined point values. 

Student councils can also use this award as a stepping-stone towards achieving National Student Council recognition. 

High School Felix Simon Student Council Award Application

pdf file: SHFelixSimonAwardApp2018.19
Word document: SHFelixSimonAwardApp2018.19


Middle School Felix Simon Student Council Award Application

pdf file: MSFelixSimonAwardApp2018.19
Word document: MSFelixSimonAwardApp2018.19


MASC also recognizes our conference hosts, the “Sue Travetto Friend of MASC Award” (selected by the officer team and executive directors) and the “Catherine Nora Murray Unsung Hero Award”  (selected by the executive board).

******* National Student Council (NSC) Awards *******

National Council of Excellence 

 –Submission Deadline is Friday, February 15, 2019. 

Middle level and high school student councils that consistently provide quality leadership activities and service to their schools and communities can earn national recognition through NSC National Council of Excellence program.

There are two levels of recognition. A student council achieves a National Council of Excellence Award when it has demonstrated that it meets all the NASC requirements. The National Gold Council of Excellence award is awarded to those councils that demonstrate the highest levels of leadership, plus meet additional standards as set by NASC.

These awards distinguish outstanding student councils by guiding student leaders and their faculty advisers through a process featuring standards-based criteria and demonstration-based outcomes, reflecting more than 80 years of expertise in student council and leadership programming.

Warren Shull Advisor of the Year Award

Each year, the Warren E. Shull Award is presented to a middle level and high school student council advisor who demonstrates exemplary character, leadership, and commitment to young people and their development as student leaders. Each state association may name one middle level and one high school student council adviser for the state level of the Shull Award.  MASC nominates our Advisor of the Year receipients  – schools must be a member of NSC.

Kyker State Association Service Project Award  (closed)

The National Honor Society (NHS) and National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) recognize the outstanding work of state Honor Society associations with the Kyker State Association Service Project Award.