Middle School Focus

Welcome to the page specifically for our middle school students.

Coordinating with the Maryland Association of Student Councils’ (MASC) theme this year of “Rock on MASC” the MASC 2nd Vice President, Siya Jain (Siya.Jain@mdstudentcouncils.org) is here to serve the middle school students of Maryland.

 Yearly AIMS Kickoff Event


MASC is depending on middle school students to step up, learn, and become strong leaders.  Here is some information to help you.

Apply to become a member of the Action in Middle School (AIMS) committee

CLOSED  MASC Committee Applications

(We are looking for middle school students from all counties except Baltimore and Montgomery as there are already a lot of applications from those Counties)  The link above takes you to all of the MASC committee opportunities!

Watch the AIMS promotional video HERE.

Apply to other MASC committees

Link to other MASC committee opportunities

Become a MASC member school

Link to Information for Advisors

(Only a school advisor or administrator can complete the application form for school membership in MASC)

“Why Middle School?” Movie

Why Middle School Movie (YouTube)

Quarterly Reports – READ
(see archives from previous years below)

1st Quarter – PDF (QuarterlyNewsletter2ndVP-VOL.1)
2nd Quarter – PDF (QuarterlyNewsletter2ndVP-VOL.2)
3rd Quarter – PDF (QuarterlyNewsletter2ndVP-VOL.3)

Upcoming MASC events & opportunities

Link to MASC Events and Conferences

Middle School Resources

(Resources are “tagged” with the title “Middle School Focus” in the “Leadership Resources Handouts and Presentation” pages)


Link to all MASC Resources



1st Quarter (MSOctoberNewsletter2022)  1st Quarter (YouTube)
2nd Quarter (pdf file: MSDecember2022Newsletter)  2nd Quarter (YouTube)
3rd Quarter (Link to Google Drive – pdf file)


If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, please reach out by using our “Contact Us”page.