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20 October 2021
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Current and archived copies of MASC publications and other documents can be found on the MASC Documents Page.

Specific Publications
MASC Monthly Bulletin
MASC Quarterly and Monthly Briefing
AIMS Quarterly Newsletter
GreenCrabs Monthly Newsletter 

MASC-appointed staff requesting social media posts should submit the request seven days before the target posting date if graphics need to be created – four days if graphics are also included. MASC is happy to re-post any regional or student advocacy organization post if it applies to the entirety of MASC.  Any request made by individual regions, submitted via the Regional Advisor or President, or relevant advocacy organizations, must include independently created graphics.   Link to Google Form


Subscribe to Important MASC PUBLICATIONS

The Maryland Association of Student Councils strives to keep members up-to-date and informed about upcoming events, ongoing initiatives, and actions of the executive board. MASC has several publications to help students and advisors stay “in the know” for all things MASC!

• The monthly MASC Bulletin (published at the beginning of each month) includes a brief synopsis of upcoming events, leadership opportunities, and other opportunities and resources outside of MASC.  Links are included with details to enable you to further investigate the items for which you might be interested.

To subscribe to the MASC Bulletin, complete this brief  Google form.
Link to the MASC Bulletin website with current and past years of the Monthly Bulletins.

• The MASC Quarterly newsletter is a more in-depth seasonal newsletter (written by the Student Publications Coordinators). The MASC Quarterly is published every few months. In each quarterly, you’ll find articles discussing MASC initiatives and recapping past events. You’ll also find information concerning applications, important dates, and exciting milestones for MASC.

• The Monthly Briefing is published in the middle of the month.  It has the important recent MASC highlights and upcoming dates. With recaps, reminders, and upcoming events, the monthly has a little bit of everything to help you stay informed.

To subscribe to the MASC Quarterly and Monthly Briefing, go to this subscription page:
To read current and past Quarterly and Monthly Briefings, go to this MASC webpage.

GreenCrabs,” MASC’s monthly environmental newsletter has four to six well-researched and relevant environmental news pieces to keep you informed as well as other interesting features, like upcoming environmental service opportunities and more. Check out the GreenCrabs newsletter (linked on the Green Goals webpage) and click here to subscribe, so you get all future GreenCrabs editions sent straight to your mailbox.

AIMS Quarterly – The AIMS Committee (Action in Middle School) is a middle school student leadership group focused on making a positive impact in their middle school community.  To read more about their projects and initiatives, check out the AIMS Quarterly newsletter.   MASC Middle School Focus webpage


Please sign up for the MASC alumni list – periodically, MASC will send an alumni bulletin with news and updates!  Link to Alumni Google Form

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